The Birth of a Blog

This is the account of the Journey. The Journey across America’s backyard. Between the three of us, seasoned travelers, over forty countries have been traversed. But what about America, you say? Why venture into the neighbors’ homes while our backyards have yet to be explored?

What lies ahead for us: A ten-week road trip, with National Parks and the American West in mind. Our vessel will be Scott’s ’98 Toyota Corolla. We bring with us a 4-man tent, hiking shoes, backpacks, scores of books, and Spam. We have no itinerary, but Scott’s Lonely Planet book of National Parks will guide us, destination from destination. Oh, did I mention that it would be done in an Old School style? No pagers. Which means no immediate contact from the outside world. Sort of like Lewis and Clark, except, you know, they didn’t have a GPS and all. Not that much of a difference if you ask us. 

We are the next coming of Lewis and Clark, the conquest of the American west is approaching- old school style. Life shall be never the same. 

Check back in for updates of our journey. 


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