Mammoth Blurb!


Us posing with the coveralls we used to burrow into the unknown depths of Mammoth Cave. The adventure, which is known as the Wild Cave Tour, consisted 5.5 miles of crawling, creeping, squirming, and hiking in the darkest bowels in America. Needless to say, we came out feeling exhilarated, but at the same time- thankful of the fresh air.

Ok ok…this picture is from google (we didn’t bring camera with us) but you guys get the idea of how nerve-wracking it was.

Note: The tour which we partook- is not for the fainthearted or those who have claustrophobia. (Nyle and Gabriel! miss you guys btw)

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2 Responses to Mammoth Blurb!

  1. Nyle DiMarco says:

    Man! I would die! Scott and Kevin saw me chickening out before entering the smaller tunnel of Cu Chi Museum in Vietnam. Wish I wasn’t too claustrophobic. Definitely a good read! And it seems that on this trip generally, it is highly recommended for Deaf people because Bobby keeps hearing things hahah!

  2. AT first glance in the cover-alls I thought you went to work in the Coal Mines
    of West VA. (smile) Crawling around in caves I would rather read about. I guess you had sme compact flashlight? All the Best

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