Tentsations 101: A glimpse

Te-nt-sati-ons (noun)

informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by signed words; hands communication between persons; inside of the tent, or in near vicinity of tent.

Perhaps the favorite highlight of the trip thus far would be the conversations that spring out of nowhere. The matters discussed and said vary greatly; however, there were one constant factor- the underlying foundation of it….tent. We were always in the proximity of our beloved (newly degraded tent of $40 bucks!) Therefore, the introduction of Tentsations! (will be in dictionary before the decade’s up)

I woke up with the New Mexico sun beating down on the tent and consequently me, it was merciless. My attempts to shade myself or to alleviate the apparent heatness were both futile and foolhardy. Suddenly, I found an inspiration to get out and do a morning workout! I got out of the suffocating tent and prepared my workout on paved cement right across our tent. Just as when I was starting, both Bobby and Scott got out of the tent, squinting and was confounded by my newed energy.

Scott: What the hell are you doing? It is 8 am!

Kevin: Balls! Got to keep myself in shape.

Bobby, with perhaps the most philosophical comment of the trip quipped,

“Your body is a temple- you have to maintain it, improve it, and preserve it!”

That comment didn’t only trigger Scott to join in our fun, it also set in motion of a flunky and quite entertaining discussion on “what building would your body be if it was a building?” We all came to a conclusion and here it is;

ImageMe doing some preservation work.

Kevin: Macchu Picchu. Set in the highlands of Peru, it is lofty and picturesque. To see the wonders of Macchu Picchu, one has to trek the infamous “Mayan Trail.” It’s no easy work to see the magnificent structure, just like Kevin’s body, made and hardened through years and years of hard work. Macchu Picchu was also hidden from civilization for many years, until recent archaeologists found it….this remains the question for Kevin…has his body been discovered yet?

Bob: Stonehenge of England. It is a squat and sturdy construction, spanning for over two millennia. Its purpose on planet earth is unknown, and so is Bobby’s body. It is of high materialistic value, strong, seemingly capable, but no knows why it is made. It is very enigmatic, just like Mona Lisa’s smile (or frown) — Scott and I have been moving heaven and earth to discover the purpose of its existence. (quite possibly hiking?)

Scott: Tower of London. It is a beautiful bastion, with centuries of history behind her. She also had seen good times and unfortunately bad times. In the 16th and 17th Centuries, Tower of London was used as a prison, and oft called as a “Torture Chamber.” Plenty of political enemies suffered unknown depravities within the Tower. Scott has had tortured his body by sheer negligence, not exercising for a year or so. However, good times are on horizon, the Tower would know.

An outsider!

Andy Bonheyo: Roman Coliseum. It is centuries old, but still glorious. It stands in the heart of Rome, the city of probably the greatest empire in history; Roman Empire. It is the home of countless violent confrontations between men and beasts, a gridiron of Ancient World if you will. Replace men and beasts with men and football, and you will discover Andy. Resplendent and always sure.

Lastly but not the least;

1998 Toyota Corrola: The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The leaning tower leans. It leans ever so precipitously, and it leans so beautifully that it warrants millions people to flock to the city of Pisa. It has received worldwide fame attention for leaning. It was simply a blunder on the builders’ part, building a tower on soil that wouldn’t absorb its weight. Yet it became the symbol of enduring beauty and persistence .Just like our beloved Toyota, it leaks oil and the engine eats it. It is cramped, and the lights don’t always work, but oh such a beaut.

Now you guys see the dangers of having too much time on hand and being away from civilization!

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2 Responses to Tentsations 101: A glimpse

  1. pacmanlace says:

    This entry had me cracking up 😛

  2. dan brubaker says:

    it’s the inca trail. not mayan. ;o)

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